Kind Words from Our Happy Clients

H, school librarian

Hong Kong
“I’m a librarian in a primary school and after a day talking to students and reading stories my throat is often quite sore. I first went to an ENT doctor who recommended I go to a voice coach.  Imogen identified my condition as vocal fatigue which is apparently very common in people working in education. She has been very helpful and has given me a programme to follow including neck stretches; larynx massage and voice exercises. I’ve noticed a big difference and will continue with the programme so it doesn’t come back.”

C, stockbroker

Hong Kong
“I’m an adult who has had fluency problems, intermittently, all of my life. Imogen made me feel very comfortable and presented me with some new methods for approaching my difficulties.

She taught me ways to practice, to relax and to deal with my fluency issues. Very highly recommended.”

O, student

Hong Kong

“Imogen provides exceptional personalised accent modification services. Although I have studied at a university that uses English as a teaching medium for five years, I know that my speaking ability, especially pronunciation, needs improvement. Learning pronunciation and speech would be monotonous, but Imogen always designs fun and effective lesson activities to motivate her clients to learn. I definitely recommend Imogen since she changes seemingly painful labour into a lot of fun.”

k, Mother of a young woman

Hong Kong
“Imogen gave great support to my daughter, who is a young adult with CP and is non verbal, to continue to develop her literacy skills.

Imogen’s work approach is very professional, organised and well planned.
She found activities that were age appropriate and at an interest level that engaged my daughter.
Imogen forged a genuine, supporting relationship with my daughter and I would highly recommend her as a skilled speech and language practitioner.”

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