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Speech Articulation Therapy

As children develop, the way they speak changes. For some children these changes happen automatically, but for others they may need specific teaching of speech sounds and patterns. When children’s speech sound development is limited, their speech may be unclear or sound “young” for their age. Speech therapy can result in clearer, more age appropriate speech.

Language Therapy

Is your child 2 years old and using less than 50 words? Do they point rather than verbalising their requests? Does your child struggle to explain what they are thinking about? Do they easily forget words or get their sentences mixed up? Can they tell you what they did on the weekend? These are all indicators of a language delay or disorder. Through identification and specific teaching of difficult areas, we can build your child’s success in communicating their thoughts socially and academically.

Fluency Therapy

Stuttering is an indiscriminate disorder, and affects people of all ages and cultures. I work with children and their families to reduce stuttering behaviours and maintain fluent speech in everyday communication, as well as developing self advocacy skills.

Literacy Development

Children who are struggling to keep up with reading and writing expectations can benefit from explicit teaching of the underlying skills associated with early and developing literacy. This can be a game changer when it comes to academic engagement and progression.

Voice Therapy

Overuse of the voice can lead to changes in voice quality, such as roughness, croakiness, hoarseness, or pain. Identification of causes and tailored management can help to reduce symptoms and damage to the vocal mechanism.

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