Kind Words from Our Happy Clients

Mother of a 4 year old girl

Hong Kong
“My daughter was a little less that 4 years old when I noticed that her sounds were not as clear as her peers.

Being close to 4, I guess the little girl also felt that she was not being understood. That made her shy and unwilling to socialize and speak when in a group.

A friend suggested Imogen and luckily we had approached her at a time when she was offering a free speech assessment.

My daughters speech defects were identified and we could correct all of them within 10 sessions over a period of 4-5 months.

Imogen essentially helps the parents and care givers to adopt the right techniques to correct speech sounds.

Her approach is extremely friendly and flexible at the same time. My daughter loved learning from her and she always looked forward to Imogen’s sessions. Post the session, Imogen would provide enough practice material and ideas to support our learning.

In order to develop her language skills, I have enrolled my daughter in various classes and when asked who her favourite was, it was invariably Imogen.

When doing sessions like this, its imperative that the child has a great rapport with the therapist and trust me, it comes naturally to Imogen.

She does everything play based and my daughter enjoyed the games that Imogen came up with everytime.

Without thinking twice, approach this lady and trust me, you are lucky to have reached the perfect place.”

Mother of a 9 year old boy

Hong Kong

“Our family is privileged to have worked with Ms. Imogen Dean. We have collaborated with a number of different speech-language pathologists throughout our family’s career in the US and Hong Kong. From the start, Imogen distinguished herself as a dedicated and highly qualified professional with a gentle nature that immediately put us at ease. Her calm personality and kind sense of humour allowed our child to grow in confidence while pursuing fluent speech strategies. Imogen developed an excellent rapport with our child, and we would highly recommend her.”

Mother of a 4 year old boy

Hong Kong

“Our son was not looking forward to sessions with another speech therapist and yet after one session with Imogen he had changed his attitude completely! Imogen is fun, loving, and uses positive encouragement and games to motivate her clients. Her knowledge of various techniques as well as her flexibility to change approaches mid-session allowed for our son to make vast improvements! I’m most grateful for the follow up tips and specific exercises which helped me feel confident to continue coaching our son between sessions. Speech therapy has increased our son’s confidence and he is able to better communicate in the classroom!”

Mother of a 5 year old boy

Hong Kong

“I just wanted to say thank for the fantastic job Imogen did with my son in therapy hours during school time! He did not even realize that he is having speech therapy as he had so much fun! 
Imogen’s feedback after every lesson made me envious – she was playing games with him inside and outside, let him be the teacher when she was lisping (to learn what makes the difference) and made up new words with S to practice. And this in a funny, loving way that he never felt that he is doing something wrong! Furthermore she did not only update me about the lesson but also gave me advice how to teach him at home. I received every game and exercise she did with him. And even when I got stuck because of always correcting him she showed me new approaches.”

Father of a 5 year old boy

Hong Kong

“Ms Imogen Dean worked with my son for almost a year. Because of the many therapy sessions she endeavoured to make the sessions fun by incorporating new play ideas. She also provided coaching for me for how to help my son outside of the session.
Ms Imogen is knowledgable and professional.
I want to thank Ms Imogen for helping my son over the many months. She has been so important to him and helped him so much.”

Mother of a 5 year old boy

Hong Kong
“Imogen has such a wonderful way with kids – she is friendly and approachable, totally engages with them and makes her sessions so fun and age appropriate. She has really helped my 5 yr old with his enunciation of certain sounds and words and we can see how far he’s improved after just a few sessions. It’s also apparent that Imogen really cares for her clients and that she goes the extra mile to do the best for them – we all love sessions with her!! Thank you Imogen!”

Mother of a young woman

Hong Kong
“Imogen gave great support to my daughter, who is a young adult with CP and is non verbal, to continue to develop her literacy skills.

Imogen’s work approach is very professional, organised and well planned.
She found activities that were age appropriate and at an interest level that engaged my daughter.
Imogen forged a genuine, supporting relationship with my daughter and I would highly recommend her as a skilled speech and language practitioner.”

Mother of a 4 year old girl

Hong Kong
“Imogen worked wonders with our daughter who really struggled with certain aspects of her speech. Clearly she is extremely competent in her profession. She also impressed us with her genuine enthusiasm and passion for both her job and her patients. Our daughter loved her sessions with Imogen and was extremely disappointed when they were no longer required. We would not hesitate in recommending her services to friends and colleagues.”

Mother of a 3 year old boy

Hong Kong

“Imogen made a world of difference for my little boy. He went from a frustrated toddler to a confident little boy that cannot stop talking! He took to her immediately and couldn’t wait for his visits to Miss Imogen. She has a very special way with children and always went the extra mile for him. I can 100% recommend her and will always be thankful for what she accomplished and her part in making my boy blossom.”

Mother of a 4 year old girl

Hong Kong
“Imogen worked with my 4 year old daughter for 8 sessions and in that short time managed to significantly improve her pronunciation to the point where no further lessons were required. She has a wonderful, friendly and relaxed style with little children and made the experience fun by incorporating games, rather than sessions becoming a chore. My daughter thoroughly looked forward to each lesson! I would not hesitate to recommend Imogen.”

Parents of a 4 year old boy

Hong Kong
We have a lot to thank Imogen for. Imogen has been working with our son for 2 years now with fantastic results. Imogen has fostered a lovely relationship with our son and he looks forward to his speech therapy sessions with her every week. Imogen makes learning a lot of fun for children and educates how as parents we can practice and reinforce the lessons she has taught. Imogen is incredibly focused on the child and their progress.

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